About Us:

Due to a fire, which partially burned down the building in 1989, the hotel stood abandoned for several years.  In 1993 the present owner,  Mr. Ernst Arthur Simon, bought the building and immediately started rebuilding it.  After months of hard work, dedication and renovations, the new Mariental Hotel openened its doors for business.  Today Mariental Hotel ranks as one of Namibia's finer Country Hotels with the kind of facilities coveted by guests on hot summer nights, such as swimming pool, air-conditioning in all rooms, outdoor barbeque area and more.

Then in 2000 disaster strike, with the Nearby Hardap Dam, opening the release gates and more than 1400 cubic meters of water are release into the Fish River which overflowed its banks and we faced our first flood,  and followed up with another flood in 2006 which caused major damages to the hotel.  Since then the Hotel was renovated back to its former splendor.  
We also decided to extend our accommodation facilities by building 10 more rooms.  That would extend our premises to accommodate up to 50 people.

We offer the following:

  • 20 en-suite air-conditioned rooms

  • Swimming pool

  • a la carte restaurant and comfortable lounge

  • Ladies bar with casino facilities

  • Action bar with casino facilities

  • Conference Facilities

  • 24 hrs safe and secure parking, completely secured by electrical fencing and security guards

  • Laundry Facilities

  • Friendly and fast service

  Hardap Dam resort . . .
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