Mariental Hotel has a long standing history . . .

Ernst Stumpfe, the founder of the town Mariental, was born on the 17th of January in Ludwigsdorf, Germany.  He joined the German Schutztruppen in 1894 and was send to Namibia or Sudwest Africa as it was known in those days.  After a very successful career in the Schutztruppen he resigned on the 31st December 1899.  He the joined the German Administration in the Police force and served for many years in the Police force and while stationed at Gibeon, He put in an application to the Head of the District that the farm Koichas be reserved for him until he retire from the Police Force.

On the grounds of his excellent service record, this request was granted on the 22nd September 1905.  On the 1st April 1908 a sale agreement was drawn up for the farm Koichas for 50 pfenning per hectare.  Because of his good service record in the Schutztruppen  he got 5000 hectare free and the price was lowered to 40 pfenning per hectare by the German Governor in Windhoek. Thus on the 1st August 1908 he bought 12127 hectare for a total of 4850,8 Mark and paid it of over a period of 9 yrs

In 1911 the Government started to build a railway from Windhoek to Keetmanshoop and when the building team setup camp on Koichas and realised its importance of a halfway station where locomotive could changed etc.  Stumpfe granted a 70 hectare to the Railways.  After the erection of the Station Building and shed, the station became known as Mariental-West.  Mariental-West soon became a trading centre and also the Police Station that was located about 20km to the east on the farm Marienthal was moved here for practical reasons.  To preserve continuity Mariental-West was only named Mariental without the h.  In 1914 Stumpfe applied to the German Authorities that he may start a town at Mariental, but already businesses where started and a few houses where build.
Stumpfe immediately started with the measuring out and selling of plots. He himself build a Hotel, which was the forerunner of today's Mariental Hotel.  Periodic court sittings was taken care of by the Magistrate of Gibeon and church services was also held on the town.

The hotel had various owners, but was completely destroyed in a fire during 1989, the stood derelict for about 7 yrs when it was bought by Mr. Ernst Simon and rebuild to one of the Country's finest hotels.  It was again damaged by floods in 2000 and 2006 after which it was renovated and a new section build to add more rooms.

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