Mariental Hotel is the ideal starting point for various tourist attractions and interesting things to see and do . . .

If you would like to explore the South from a central point,  then Mariental Hotel would be the ideal basis.   Here are but a few places all that can be fit into a day's drive.

  • Hardap Dam Resort:  (Namibia's Wildlife Resorts) The Hardap dam is one of Namibia's largest man made lakes.  Nestled on its banks is the Hardap Dam Resort, where one go for a 15km game drive,  do some freshwater fishing or bird watching.  The resorts is roughly 20km from Mariental and take you past numerous irrigation farms.

  • There is the Ostrich Farm just outside Mariental next to the B1 leading to Rehoboth and Windhoek, which is worth a visit.

  • About 200km from Mariental is Brukaros, rising about 650 meters above its surroundings.  Take your camping gear and spend the night.  Brukaros was host to one of the German's Heliograph stations earlier in the century and later also hosted a observatory of the Smithsonian institute.  They have dismantled it however and pulled out of the Country.

  • 90km south of Mariental is the small town of Gibeon, a form Rhenish Mission station.  The area is also known for the Meteorite Shower which seen about 21 Ton of extraterrestrial boulders crash to earth.  To date about 77 chunks have been found and is spread over the world with one piece in Anchorage, Alaska. 33 Chunks has been brought to Windhoek and can be seen in the Post Street Mall. The largest chunk weighing 650kg is hosted in Cape Town Museum.

  Hardap Dam resort . . .
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